Our quality policy

Anapro s.r.l. pursues a goal considered strategic for business continuity, which is that of quality understood as the ability to ensure regular production of goods and services and to fully satisfy customer needs.

In order to tackle the quality process, the organization undertakes to create, adopt and continuously improve a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The critical success factors of this improvement process, which the management undertakes to cultivate and promote, are:
  • The authentic and motivated approach to the real satisfaction of customer needs
  • The true understanding of customer needs and the ability to manage them according to the system requirements
  • The satisfaction of all interested parties identified
  • The definition of all business processes involved in the production of goods and services
  • The involvement of all company personnel, who are employed in various capacities in the quality processes, so that they can operate according to the established procedures and in order to pursue continuous quality improvement in the business development
  • The willingness to work in a positive, reassuring and promising atmosphere for the organization, its staff and all interested parties

Anapro's Quality standards are implemented through the monitoring of the quantitative and qualitative objectives set with a view to continuous improvement, and through the digitization of company processes, aimed at improving their efficiency and safety.

The Management plays a strategic role in the full implementation of this Policy, making it available to all interested parties.